Hui Loanwords in Dongxiang Mongolian Author(s): …

Proceedings of the Seventeenth Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society: General Session and Parasession on The Grammar of...

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ΕΛΕΤΟ – 8ο Συνέδριο «Ελληνική Γλώσσα και Ορολογία» Αθήνα, 10-12 Νοεμβρίου 2011 86 3 Foreign loanwords in the English Language

MONGOLIAN BEEF STIR FRY with Broccoli and Green beans ... TIPS FOR FUSSY EATERS PRO TIP Beef strips Garlic cloves Ginger paste …

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Notes on Anatolian loanwords in Armenian . Hrach Martirosyan. 1. ... passim, 1961: 147ff, 1975: ... the Anatolian loanwords in Armenian

AUTHORS’ INDEX Solvers and proposers appearing in this issue (Bold font indicates featured solution.) ... IES \Abastos" Valencia, Spain : OC191, 3984, 3985, 3986

737 About the Authors Ofir Arkin is the founder of the Sys-Security Group, a nonbiased computer secu- rity research and consultancy body. He has worked as a …

Instructions to Authors May ... including the accompanying references, figure legends, and tables, ... the table of contents,