THE ROLE OF LEXICAL SEMANTICS IN UNACCUSATIVE-UNERGATIVE ... Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Lin-guistics Society, ... Journa...

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choose the sense whose dictionary definition shares the most words with the target word’s neighborhood. ... • Train a supervised learning algorithm from the seed set

An Exercise in Cognitive Lexical Semantics: The Case of the ... and my first goal is to test the ... of motion in any language do not particularly specify the shape

Lexical Semantics: Sense, Referent, Prototype 1. Semantics ... – a beagle isA dog isA mammal isA animal Hyponymy helps us relate a word’s sense and its referent 4

The good/bad dichotomy 210 4. The unknown 223 5. Concluding remark 233 Notes 234 3. The semantics of causative constructions in a cross-linguistic perspective 1

The psychologist ran the rats through the maze. b. The rats are good runners. c. *The psychologist is a good runner

A Man of Measure Festschrift in Honour of Fred Karlsson, pp. 335–344 Tommi Jantunen The Complexity of Lexical Movements in FinSL Abstract The study presented in this article contributes to the analysis of movement in Finnish

as C# or Java do), the crucial features of AsmL, intrinsic to ASMs, are massive synchronous parallelism and finite choice. These features give rise to a cleaner

tactics in the relationship between socialization content and ... (socialization content) and newcomers’ affective ... begin to fulfill expectations

1 The semantics of evaluational adjectives: Perspectives from Natural Semantic Metalanguage and Appraisal Cliff Goddard, Maite Taboada, Radoslava Trnavac

Frank R. Palmer . University of Reading . ... (in the forms begin and began), such as: (11) You pick it up and begin to sing on the chord (s1a-026 122)